Cello EnsembleA listener may expect the sound produced by a cello ensemble to be wonderfully rich, but also monotonously dark. This is only partially so: the cello can soar without difficulty into higher registers, and a listener with closed eyes might at times think that violins and violas are also present. The repertoire of music for multiple cellos has a surprisingly long tradition, with works already being written for this medium in the 18th century, to the "classic" Hymnus written some 75 years ago. Villa-Lobos wrote his well known Bachianas Brasilieras Nr. 1 between 1930 and 1938. New works are being written by numerous composers today, and arrangements of other works appear regularly. The emerging interest in cello ensembles has been, in part, inspired by the Twelve Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic, an Ensemble formed in 1972 for an Austrian Radio production of Hymnus .

2007 Markus Kaulartz — Imprint